A rattle snake caught in Alpharetta

Beware of all snakes.

Some are venomous and can cause some serious illness or death

The Copperhead is one of the most frequent snakes encountered in the State of Georgia. They are a venomous reptile and can cause serious illness if bitten. An adult copperhead can have as many as 10 babies per litter and have 2 litters per year. Adult copperheads usually need to eat every 3 to 4 day but may go for 14 days without eating. We recommend purchasing at least 6 traps. We will place them in the most appropriate location, allowing for the most effective control.

 Snake Control   

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We also offer a professional snake repellent

Our snake expert will be happy to apply. The snake repellent causes disorientation and the snake will slither away unharmed, in search of fresh air.

If the repellent is applied correctly, it can create a barrier which causes snakes to move away.

we recommend a minimum application of 64 ounces of repellent. Cost $99 

Professional Snake Control

$189 Service includes

**A complete inspection of the area where the snakes were last seen and installing three reusable snake traps*

( additional traps available 3 for $99 )

Highly Recommended