$189 Critter Man      

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​Critters Controled FAST with our patented

Critter Guard Gutter Covers    

​Entry points needing sealed

  Professional Squirrel Control

$189 Initial Service includes:

**Initial inspection of the area where the critters are being heard and  installation  professional  traps


We  specialize in trapping and control of

Squirrels, Mice, Rats, Raccoon

Fast and affordable

Sealing will be necessary to eleminate any animal infestation. ​​​​ 

Our trained animal control experts can preform the needed repairs on the second trip

​There is a charge of $99 per additional trip, if we do not preform the necessary repairs to keep the animals out.

​Roof Damaged by squirrels

Our Mission is to give our customers quality animal removal service at an affordable price. Our pest control company has removed many squirrels  in the Atlanta area. Squirrels in the attic can cause serious damage, such as stripping insulation from electrical wiring. We not only offer squirrel removal and squirrel control, but we inspect the electrical wiring in the areas where squirrels have been nesting.