​​Dead animal removal $299​​

​​Snake Removal/Control $299

Text ​Milton for immediate response to your critter problems

​$189 Squirrel in Attic

Squirrel Removal from Chimney $299

Rats in the house $189

$189 Raccoon Removal

​ additional relocation or disposal cost $100 per raccoon

Same Day Service in most cases

First visit   

1. We inspect your home and determine the type of critter

2. We set the appropriate number of traps

3. We tell you where the critters are getting into your home

4. We give you a repair estimate, additional costs apply

​5. $189 Due on first trip (cash or checks only)

Second visit

1. We remove the trapped critters

​2. We seal the holes (All repairs billed seperately)

 Cost to seal 1 to 3 squirrel holes $300-$600    

Always the lowest price on critter removal and exclusions ​​

If there is a serious infestation additional trips may be required at a cost of $89 per trip

Trapping period is 7-10 days. If you have a serious infestation, trapping may take longer.  Rats and Squirrels follow scents and others will continue to enter your home until all entry points are sealed. Repairs will be required to completely eliminate critter problems.  We appreciate your patience during the trapping period.

 My Critter Man   

We will be back